A few minutes into the fourth quarter of Ohio State’s 27-21 win over Wisconsin on Saturday night in the Big Ten championship game, a Badgers touchdown cut Ohio State’s lead down one score. During the play, the cluster of players proved too much for the field turf at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, which ruptured under pressure from legs churning at the goal line.

For several minutes, the Midwestern United States set down its pop and set aside all differences to cheer on a mystery man with a walkie-talkie in a holster and an ear piece, who furiously repaired the tear in the turf. With quick hands, plenty of black rubber pellets and the help of a rake, the man managed to fix the field enough to resume play.

Soon after the issue was resolved, Houston Texans defensive lineman and former Wisconsin star J.J. Watt appeared to identify the field doctor as Eric Marlow.

However, further investigations revealed that Watt was a letter off in the first and last name. The mystery man is actually named Erik Harlow. And he’s now a star.

An image of Harlow’s Facebook page posted to Twitter listed past employment with the grounds crew at Purdue University, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals. If he enjoyed his time in D.C., maybe there is a local football team that could use help with its field?

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