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Tom Brady on Josh McDaniels: ‘He knows how much I love him’

BFFs Josh McDaniels, left, and Tom Brady. (David Zalubowski/Associated Press)

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady kind of freaked out on offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in the first quarter of Sunday’s win in Buffalo, a rare loss of self-control for the usually unflappable New England signal caller.

On Saturday, Brady wanted everyone to know that he’s very sorry for that.

“I want to apologize to Josh for last week in Buffalo. I know our coaches work really hard and they are responsible for putting us in a great position to succeed. I just want to get that off my chest,” Brady said to start his weekly news conference with reporters, per ESPN.

Brady then was asked if his outburst was simply part of the emotions of the game. He agreed, but also wanted to make it clear that he and McDaniels have no problems whatsoever.

“Yeah, but a lot of people see it and they think the nature of our relationship might be something like that, but it’s really the exact opposite of that,” Brady said. “I’ve been feeling bad all week and haven’t had a chance to say it. He knows how much I love him.”

McDaniels already had tried to squash any idea that the two were having a beef earlier this week.

“It’s a very competitive game and emotional game and things like that can happen,” he said. “Being in the game a long time, and understanding that Tommy’s a very emotional person and emotional player, it’s part of what makes him great. You understand that those things happen and it’s never personal. You move on quickly from it and we did and we have. I love Tom and all those things he stands for and all the things he does for our team. That’s just a situation where you understand it and move on quickly from it and you focus on your job.”

The Patriots play the Dolphins on Monday night.

It wasn’t the first time Brady had gotten into a Patriots offensive coordinator’s face. Here’s Brady and Bill O’Brien in 2011 after the quarterback threw an interception against the Redskins:

“You spend a lot of time together with quarterbacks here, New England, Penn State, wherever, and those things, you are talking about very competitive people that are trying to go the best they can for the team to win the game,” O’Brien said while recalling the incident in 2015. “And sometimes those things happen, but it was not a big deal.”

Said Brady this year:

He kind of let me have it. I deserved it. It was kind of a dumb throw. I deserved it. I kind of chirped back, and he didn’t like it. I was kind of fiery at the time, too.
We cooled off pretty quick. That’s Billy’s style. Billy’s gonna let you know if he doesn’t like something that you did. He handles it in the right way, in a way that you really respected. You know he’s fiery, you know he just wants to get the job done. We cooled off. We ended up winning the game (when) Jerod Mayo made a great interception to end that game. By the time we got to the locker room, we were good.
There are a lot of emotions in this game. You wear them on your sleeve, and sometimes you just fire off. That’s just the way it goes.

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