Charles Barkley, happy Alabamian. (John Bazemore/AP)

Native son Charles Barkley had urged his fellow Alabamians to vote for Doug Jones over Roy Moore ahead of Tuesday’s special U.S. Senate election.

“At some point, we’ve got to stop looking like idiots to the nation,” Barkley said at a rally the night before the vote. “I love Alabama, but we’ve got to draw a line in the sand. We’re not a bunch of damn idiots.”

On Tuesday night, after Jones’s victory was declared, Barkley was gushing with pride over the result.

“I’m so proud of my state. I love my state. We got some amazing people here. Yeah, we got a bunch of rednecks and a bunch of ignorant people, but we got some amazing people here and they rose up today,” Barkley said on CNN.

Barkley also asked the Democratic Party to stop taking black voters for granted.

“It’s time for them to get off their ass and start making life better for black folks and people who are poor,” Barkley said.

Elsewhere, Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr sent out a tweet that either celebrated Jones’s win or expressed a heretofore unrevealed fandom of the state’s flagship university. Considering Kerr’s oft-stated political leanings, I’m going with the former.

Kerr made sure not to alienate fans of Alabama’s other main college-sports power in a subsequent tweet.

Jones won with 49.9 percent of the vote to Moore’s 48.4 percent, while write-in votes constituted 1.7 percent. It’s unknown how many people wrote in Alabama football coach Nick Saban, but the number was at least one:

It’s something of a missed financial opportunity for Saban, who is busy preparing his team for the College Football Playoffs semifinal against Clemson:

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