Conor McGregor could be going back to MMA after his boxing dalliance. (Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images)

Last week, Manny Pacquiao caused a bit of a stir when he said a boxing match against MMA star Conor McGregor perhaps was on the table. But one of TMZ’s interviewer-cameramen caught up with the Irishman in New York on Friday, and it sure sounds as if he’d rather step back into the octagon first.

(Profanity warning: McGregor has some rather rough words at the end when asked whether he would ever step into a pro wrestling ring for the WWE.)

“I think a true fight is what I want to do next. A real fight,” McGregor said while signing autographs. “MMA next.”

McGregor lost a 10th-round TKO to Floyd Mayweather in a lucrative boxing match in August. His last MMA bout was a second-round TKO of Eddie Alvarez in November 2016, which earned him the UFC lightweight belt.

As for his next opponent, that’s up in the air. MMA Junkie suggests he could be waiting for UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson to recover from elbow surgery. After his triangle-choke submission of Kevin Lee at UFC 216 in October, Ferguson issued a highly-profane challenge to McGregor, calling him a “piece of [expletive],” saying he was going to “kick your [expletive]” and telling McGregor to “defend or vacate.”

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