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Mike Leach strenuously cools his coffee, wins news conference

Mike Leach, man of letters. (AP Photo/Young Kwak, File)

Washington State Coach Mike Leach has re-cemented his claim as college football’s most fascinating weirdo this season, in part because his Cougars reached the AP top 10 for the first time since 2003 despite the fact that Leach seemingly would rather talk about anything other than football. On Thursday night, Washington State will try to reach 10 wins in a Holiday Bowl matchup against Michigan State, and Leach and Spartans Coach Mark Dantonio held a joint news conference Wednesday to talk about it.

Spokane sports-TV personality Sam Adams captured Leach at his finest:

Leach also wrote a story for the Players’ Tribune this week, headlined “5 thoughts that have nothing to do with football.” It delivers the goods.

— Leach says he knows “an inordinate amount” about raccoons and had one as a pet while growing up in Wyoming. The raccoon’s name was Bilbo Baggins.

— Hawaii is one of Leach’s favorite vacation destinations because, in part, “there’s no border stuff or currency confusion.”

— Leach considers the Will Ferrell comedy “Talladega Nights” as “part documentary.”

— Thin-crust pizza is Leach’s jam, not the thick-crust stuff that is “mostly bread.”

— Leach, who has a law degree from Pepperdine, thinks the legal profession “is getting somewhat corrupted.”

How Mike Leach doesn’t yet have a podcast is beyond the realm of comprehension.

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