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Rajon Rondo had the most assists in a game since 1996

Pelicans to Rondo: “Thanks for all those passes.” (Derick E. Hingle/USA Today Sports)
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Rajon Rondo had 25 assists on Wednesday night for the New Orleans Pelicans, which is crazy enough: Only six other NBA players have reached that mark in a single game, and none since Jason Kidd in 1996.

But consider this, all via the Elias Sports Bureau:

— Rondo’s assists created 58 points, the most by any player in a game over the past 20 seasons.

— He had all those assists in just 30 minutes, the shortest amount of time out of the seven players who have reached 25 in a game.

— He’s 31 years 308 days old, the oldest player to reach 25 assists in a game.

— He scored just two points, the fewest of the 25-assist club.

“The number one thing is we got the win. And then me, personally, I love passing the ball,” Rondo told ESPN after the Pelicans’ 128-113 victory over the Nets. “I’ve been blessed to play with a lot of great players, and what I take pride in is making those guys’ jobs easier.”

Rondo joined Kidd, Scott Skiles, John Stockton, Kevin Johnson, Nate McMillan and Isiah Thomas in the 25-assist club. Skiles has the all-time record of 30, set in 1990, and Rondo’s teammates were kicking themselves afterward about not helping him reach that mark.

“I kinda felt bad because I blew a couple shots,” DeMarcus Cousins told the Advocate. “He could have easily had 30 plus. Congrats [to him] but I kinda feel bad at the same time.”

Said Rondo of his membership in a pretty exclusive club: “It’s definitely an honor to be mentioned with those guys, especially with passing the ball, which I take pride in. But I couldn’t have done it without my teammates making shots, so I’ve got to give those guys the credit.”

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