No, this was not Photoshopped . (AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

There’s getting posterized — and then there’s getting pulverized.

The Knicks’ Ron Baker got plenty of both Saturday night, courtesy of an ill-advised attempt to get in the way of an Anthony Davis dunk. The second-year guard not only went sprawling to the floor as the Pelicans’ big man flew past for a monster jam, but Baker had to head to the locker room to get treated for a cut on his head.

On Sunday, Baker showed just how the worse for wear he was. He posted a photo to Instagram showing off quite the black eye above a bandage, and he wryly noted that, in this case, he would have preferred not to have made it into the “Top 10″ highlights on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.”

Given what transpired in the second quarter of New York’s game at New Orleans, perhaps we should all be grateful that Baker came away with merely a cut and a shiner. Davis may not have thrown down the dunk of the year, but Baker all but locked up the “dunk victim of the year” award, especially considering that he was called for a foul on the play.

Naturally, the Internet had a strong reaction to the devastating play.

So does Baker deserve credit for trying to make a hustle play on defense? Or was the 6-4, 220-pound Wichita State product simply insane to think that he could do much of anything to impede a 6-10, 253-pound all-star already thundering his way to the hoop?

Either way, we can applaud Baker for the sense of humor he displayed Sunday. Oh, and his Knicks did get the last laugh Saturday, as Kristaps Porzingis led a rally from eight points down in the final three minutes to defeat Davis and the Pelicans, 105-103.

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