Marquise Goodwin is carted off the field at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Marquise Goodwin’s 2017 season for the 49ers included some professional high points, and some deeply tragic personal low points. It ended with the wide receiver getting carted off the field Sunday with a concussion following a brutal hit by Rams cornerback Blake Countess.

Shortly before the end of the first half of San Francisco’s season finale, Goodwin went over the middle for a short pass from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. As he reached to corral the football, though, Goodwin took a blow to the head from an onrushing Countess, who was flagged for unnecessary roughness.

Goodwin initially tried to get up after the hit, but he quickly fell back to the turf and lay there as he was attended to by medical staffers. He was eventually able to sit up before he was helped to a cart.

Goodwin drew cheers as he waved to the crowd at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum while being taken off the field, but he was diagnosed with a concussion and taken to a hospital for evaluation. Countess also was evaluated at the stadium for a concussion and placed in the league’s protocol.

In his first season with the 49ers after spending his first four with the Bills, Goodwin was just 38 yards from his first 1,000-yard season — his previous career high was 431 — when he was forced from the game. After becoming his team’s top receiver in the wake of Pierre Garcon’s Week 8 neck injury, Goodwin flourished when Garoppolo became the starter, racking up at least six catches and 99 yards in each of the Niners’ three games before Sunday.

Shortly after a Week 10 game against the Giants, in which Goodwin’s only catch went for an 83-yard touchdown, he revealed that he and his wife had lost their prematurely born child that morning. “This whole week has taken an emotional toll on my husband and I, struggling to keep our healthy baby safe in my womb,” his wife, Morgan Goodwin-Snow, said at the time. “However, God had other plans for us.”

Earlier this month, after a win over the Titans in which Goodwin had 10 catches and 124 total yards, he told reporters that his biological father had died earlier in the week. “I’ve been dealing with a lot,” Goodwin said.

“I’m blessed. I’m thankful for the opportunity. God has shown me so much in this season,” he continued (via ESPN). “I had a lot going on this year, losing my baby, and I just recently lost my biological father this week.

“It’s just been a lot, but I really didn’t let the outside negative energy affect how I play, how I approach this game or how I come to work each day. I just kind of stayed positive and kept my mind fresh, and I relied on God to bring me through all of the situations that I’ve been through.”

After Sunday’s game, a 34-14 win by the 49ers, Goodwin was able to leave the hospital and accompany his team back to San Francisco, with Coach Kyle Shanahan telling reporters that the wide receiver’s injury wasn’t as bad as it looked like it on the field. That represented some good news at the end of a season that has featured an unusual amount of very happy and highly upsetting events for Goodwin.

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