This guy is not the founder of the NBA. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

In the bottomless pit of chaos that is the Internet, LaVar Ball is somehow omnipresent. And yet Tuesday, he found another way to capture the screens of innocent Google searchers who just wanted to know who founded the NBA.

If you searched, “Who founded the NBA?” or “NBA founder,” Tuesday afternoon, you’d be greeted by the following answer: LaVar Ball.

That’s a real screenshot from my real computer that I never thought would actually be on the Internet. But it is.

Welcome to 2018.

“Clearly we dropped the ball,” Google said in an emailed statement. “We’re taking a timeout to huddle around the issue and expect to rebound soon.”

I searched “Who founded the NBA” shortly after Google’s statement, and here is what I found:

Of course, LaVar Ball, did not found the NBA. (Neither did the city of New York.) Just to set the record straight, because facts matter:

  • The league formed in 1949 when rival factions, the Basketball Association of America and National Basketball League, merged and called themselves the National Basketball Association.
  • LaVar Ball’s oldest son, Lonzo, plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • LaVar Ball recently announced the formation of the Junior Basketball Association as an alternative for “one-and-done” college players.
  • Democracy dies in darkness.

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