Pierre McGuire will be back between the benches before you know it. (NBC Sports)

NBC hockey analyst Pierre McGuire didn’t see it coming.

“I had no signs at all that I was ill,” McGuire told TSN 690 in Montreal on Wednesday. “My work habits hadn’t changed. My workout habits hadn’t changed. My eating habits hadn’t changed. I hadn’t lost weight and hadn’t gained weight.”

But after a routine checkup in September, McGuire’s doctor asked that he undergo further tests, which revealed he had Stage 1 prostate cancer. Last Wednesday, surgeons successfully removed his prostate.

“I was just living a normal life. . . . I’m just so grateful for having Dr. [Michael] Cohen pick that up,” he said.

McGuire, 56, said he feels “fantastic” and expects to be back for NBC’s hockey coverage at next month’s Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

“You can’t take shortcuts, and you’ve got to stare things right in the eye,” McGuire said. “I’ve been fortunate to have really good medical people, my family’s been unbelievably supportive, and I knew exactly what I was getting into. I chose to go the aggressive route and get the prostate out.”

Doc Emrick sent his thoughts to McGuire before Wednesday night’s telecast of the Blackhawks-Wild game on NBC Sports Network.

In August, fellow NBC and Chicago Blackhawks analyst Eddie Olczyk announced he had Stage 3 colon cancer. As of late last month, he had completed seven of 12 rounds of chemotherapy treatments, working a couple of Blackhawks games along with NBC’s coverage of the Breeders’ Cup in between.

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