Kyrie Irving, seeker of truths. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Questions about Kyrie Irving’s flat-earth theory followed him all the way to London, where his Celtics beat the 76ers on Thursday.

“I feel like that question was going to come,” he said. “And for me, it’s not about whether the world is flat or whether the world is round. It’s really about just everyone just believing what they want to believe and feeling comfortable with it. I’m not a scientist. I’m not here to tell everyone that, ‘This is it.’ For me, it’s just giving everyone a chance to do their own research and find their own knowledge instead of having knowledge just shoved to you.”

So where does Irving do his research? Instagram, that noted scientific journal.

“When I said it, though, I had been watching a whole bunch of Instagram videos,” he told J.J. Redick on the 76ers guard’s Ringer podcast, which came out Friday. “Meaning, like, I had these specific pages on Instagram that were like, ‘The truth given to you,’ and videos like, ‘This is the flat earth, and the horizon evens out only on a flat earth,’ and I was just like … I didn’t do as much research as I had [to do] in order to say something like that, because I was just ready to blurt it out, like: ‘Flat earth, man. It’s a conspiracy theory. They want to get us.’ And when you start thinking about it, it’s just like, the actual intent behind it was just like, ‘Do your own research.’ You know what I mean? And that’s it. A lot of the things that were just told to me, I was just like, ‘Oh, okay.’ ”

As chronicled by Yahoo’s Ben Rohrbach, Irving and Redick then proceed to complete the conspiracy-theory superfecta with talk about chemtrails, whether dinosaurs existed (Redick apparently is leaning toward no here) and 9/11. Irving says he’s watched “Loose Change,” a film that suggests the attacks were orchestrated by members of the U.S. government.

“I wasn’t trying to convince everyone the world is flat, and that’s just how everyone took it as, which is fine,” Irving said. “I just want it to be just done with. Like, just give me the truth on a lot of these things, and we can just be done with it. Like, humans could just move on, and there wouldn’t be a conspiracy behind it. You know what I mean? Like, just, different things, and I know you saw ‘Loose Change,’ but some of the things that happened before that crazy attack, like you think back on history and I’m just like, ‘Man.’ And they’ve gotten it to the point — and of course people will be like, ‘Who’s they?’ Everyone who has basically controlled us, so …”

There was more talk in the podcast about Taco Bell’s Illuminati-spoofing commercial, third eyes, Nikola Tesla and Jim Carrey, but I didn’t understand a word of it and won’t even try to explain it. Feel free to do your own research.

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