The fact that the AFC stormed back in the second half to defeat the NFC by one point meant that Sunday’s Pro Bowl wasn’t half bad as a contest, but let’s face it: Who cares? Fortunately, the fightin’ Brees boys were on hand to provide the NFL’s annually anticlimactic all-star game with some quality entertainment.

The three young sons of Drew Brees also provided the Pro Bowl one of its more jarring hits. Baylen Brees, the Saints quarterback’s oldest boy, may not exactly have inspired thoughts of Sean Taylor, but he put a pretty good lick on his sibling Callen — interrupting his ESPN sideline interview in the process.

Baylen, 9, was not upset because his brothers were getting into a scrap — Brees, who was on hand for the whole spectacle, explained that they always do that — but because five-year-old Callen had spilled onto the field while play was underway in the second quarter. Brees confirmed to ESPN’s Lisa Salters that Callen, who had been going at it with 7-year-old Bowen, was “about to get into big trouble” for his breach of sideline etiquette.

“The boys were just like a WWE wrestling match on the sideline,” Brees said after the game, won by the AFC, 24-23. “They hit the ground, I think, more times than everybody out there combined. … They loved every second of it.”

The kids weren’t the only ones loving it, as they were a hit on social media. Before breaking off the interview with Salters, Baylen had been talking about excited he was to have met some NFL stars and to have helped in practice as a ballboy, all while his younger brothers stole the show with their delightfully roughhouse antics.

Naturally, that wasn’t the only time the Brees boys got into it, as cameras caught a later moment that involved Callen appearing to try to spin himself into dizziness while wearing his dad’s helmet. Another helmeted Saint, wide receiver Michael Thomas, got into the mischievous swing of things by showed up to photobomb a family photo.

Brees was the NFC’s starting quarterback, and while he played sparingly, he also, as is his wont, played well, completing 7 of 9 passes for 66 yards and a touchdown that staked his side to an early lead. The AFC eventually fought back, but the best fighting spirit by far was shown by the New Orleans star’s trio of rambunctious tykes.

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