Many of New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick’s news-conference answers are so strange that he would fail the Turing test, which determines whether you’re talking to a human or a half-cocked chatbot.

Players have said he adopts a special persona for news conferences. Whoever is occupying his trademark hoodie averages four news conferences a week during the season, a huge number of opportunities to not answer questions.

And the coach spits out many true head-scratchers. This season, he was asked about the strategic thinking behind going for a first down rather than punting. He stared for a moment and then said: “It was fourth and one. I thought we’d get a yard.”

Belichick also was asked to explain a failed onside kick against the Miami Dolphins. “They recovered it,” he responded.

Now see if you can match wits with the five-time Super Bowl-winning coach. In this quiz, we show the full question and the coach’s complete answer, with links to the transcripts. All questions and answers are from the 2017 season.