It’s not exactly breaking news that Lindsey Vonn, the U.S. Olympic skier, has three of the most adorable dogs on the Internet.

They’ve been Instagram sensations for years with their Vonndogs account, but on Wednesday, it was little Lucy who stole hearts everywhere simply by scampering down the slope on her tiny legs and trying mightily to keep up with “Mom.”

NBC’s new Olympics ad also dropped Wednesday, and Vonn got a little emotional about it. “It’s crazy that 60 seconds can tell so much about my life; my family, my love for skiing, my success, my pain, my will to never give up . . . but in the end, I’m just a kid that loves to ski fast. Thanks for making me cry @NBCOlympics,” she tweeted. “I think about the loss of my Grandpa every day, but today I miss him more. I wish he was here with me. I wish he could watch me in the Olympics in South Korea, where he served in the war. I just wish he was here. I want to make him proud. Sorry. I get emotional sometimes.”

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