Pittsburgh Steelers fans may not have begun Sunday in a good mood, given that the Super Bowl featured an unappetizing matchup of the hated New England Patriots vs. the in-state rival Philadelphia Eagles, but some news came along to brighten their moods and those of football fans everywhere.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Sunday that Pittsburgh linebacker Ryan Shazier has “has regained movement in his legs and is engaging in a regular walking routine.” Earlier this month, Shazier’s father also said his son had regained lower-body sensation, but details of the linebacker’s recovery have been scant since he underwent spinal stabilization surgery on Dec. 6.

“He’s making incredible progress,” a source Schefter described as “familiar with Shazier’s recovery” told him.

Shazier was injured while making a tackle in a Dec. 4 game against the Bengals. He was carted off the field, and teammates subsequently expressed a hope to see him walk again, with the possible resumption of his football career a far lesser concern.

On Thursday, Shazier was discharged from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he had been getting treatment following his surgery. He will still travel to the facility for further rehabilitation, but he was able to return home and celebrated the occasion with an Instagram post that showed him smiling with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

“I want everyone to know that all of the support and prayers are absolutely being answered,” Shazier said in the post. “I will continue to work hard and push and find a way back.”

It is unclear if Shazier, 25, is able to walk at all on his own or requires assistance. Schefter noted that the next three to six months are “critical” in the linebacker’s recovery and could provide a “significant idea” of how much of his previous mobility he will be able to regain.

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