Comedian, Philadelphian and Eagles fan Kevin Hart was a man with a plan — an alcohol-fueled, ill-conceived plan, but a plan! — after his team won Super Bowl LII on Sunday night.

As the Eagles took the stage for the postgame trophy presentation, Hart tried to join them but was quickly disabused of that idea by a security guard who was, Hart later said, “firm” in his conviction. Hart’s plan, he later explained, wasn’t exclusively fueled by adrenaline.

“When alcohol is in your system, you do dumb stuff,” Hart began in a hilarious Instagram video. (Warning: it contains some profanity). “Me trying to go on stage with the trophy [is] definitely in the top two stupidest things I’ve ever done, but who cares? The Eagles won the Super Bowl.”

Well, yeah. No harm, no foul. And he followed up his explanation with some of the greatest hashtags ever, some of which can actually be repeated here:

#iShouldHaveListenedToMyWife #iWasCaughtUpInTheMoment #iWasSuperDrunk

#ImSoHappyForMyCity #AtLeastiDidntPunchaHorse

#ThatSecurityGuardDidHisJob #iWantedToHoldTheTrophy #SoWhat

(And more.)

#PhiladephiaStandUp #FreeMeekMill #EaglesEverything #WeBeatTomBrady

#i[expletive]InMySuiteAndiDidntFlushTheToilet #ThugLife #GoEagles

#iWonSoMuchMoneyOnThisGame #PhiladelphiaForever

(And more.)

#WeFinallyGotaSuperBowl #iWitnessedHistory #iThrewUpThisMorning

#SoWhatTheEaglesWon #ImGettingOld [Expletive]YouGaryTheBengalsSuck

#MyFriendsAreTheBlame #TheyGotMeDrunk #HelpMeBabyJesus

(Still more.)

#WhereAreMySocks #iTrippedAndFellOnTheFeildAndHeardaWomanSayAintThatKevinHart

#DontJudgeMe #ImBuyingaEagleWithTheMoneyiWon

A “still a little tipsy” Hart pointed out later that his wife, Eniko Parrish, had warned him not to go on stage.

“It didn’t work out good,” Hart said with a laugh. “That man did his job, didn’t he?”

In his inebriated reverie, Hart managed drop an accidental f-bomb that got him escorted off the NFL Network set by a joking Deion Sanders. (You can see the NSFW video here.) “He got to go,” the host joked as Sanders led Hart away.

“I’ve been drinking,” Hart said before the f-bomb. “I’m on cloud nine. I started the celebration early.”

Hart returned to Instagram several times Monday, first to point out that his friend and fellow Philadelphia-native comedian Will “Spank” Horton, was enjoying himself at the game in similar fashion. “I wasn’t the only drunk one in our crew yesterday,” Hart wrote in a caption.

A few hours later, Hart offered a more earnest post, sharing a photo of himself cheering the Eagles during the Super Bowl and saying in the caption that he still couldn’t “believe we did it.” Hart added that he “got to witness history” and wrote, “This is so Big for the city of Philadelphia!!!!!”

Hart was not the only noted Philly native who dropped an f-bomb during the Super Bowl. Holding his baby daughter Bianka Bella, Kobe Bryant was a bundle of nerves and, as Tom Brady’s Hail Mary fell incomplete, he hollered, “Oh my God, we won the f—— Super Bowl! That’s it! That’s it!” in an Instagram video taken by his wife, Vanessa.

A younger generation of Philadelphia athletes also marked the city’s first Super Bowl title by screaming a lot. The Miami Heat’s Dion Waiters, a Philadelphia native, was overcome with emotions in yet another profanity-laden scene of joy. Toronto Raptors all-star Kyle Lowry traveled to Minneapolis for the game and celebrated with a one-man E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles chant.

Angels superstar Mike Trout was also at the game, and it was clear beforehand that his entire family, hailing from the greater Philadelphia area, was very much pro-Eagles. Trout’s mother posted a photo of his father wearing a dog mask, in the manner Eagles players popularized as they went through the postseason as underdogs in each contest, at the airport.

And Sixers star Joel Embiid, long a darling of social media, partied with Philadelphia fans in the streets, telling the city’s Fox 29 outlet that “I’m happy for the whole city of Philadelphia” and “we’re up next.” And also: Trust the Process.

At least he didn’t try to get onto any stages.

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