The Eagles won the Super Bowl, and people in Philadelphia have lost their minds. But on the other end of the emotional spectrum sit fans of the losing New England Patriots who, for the first time in six years, are coming to grips with a Super Bowl loss after winning two of the previous three. And so, to get a sense of how everyone in Boston is handling this, I spent some time Monday morning listening to WEEI and 98.5 The Sports Hub, the city’s sports-talk radio stations.

Here, presented without context because absolutely none is needed, is a sampling of quotes from about a couple hours’ worth of Boston sports yak. They come both from the hosts and the callers. Keep in mind that the Patriots have been to eight Super Bowls in the first 18 years of this century.

“Kirk & Callahan” (WEEI)

— “You can’t say Bill Belichick doesn’t have balls. He sat Malcolm Butler for an entire football game!”

— “Belichick threw to his quarterback first. Give him that.”

— “First off, [Tom] Brady is the greatest of all time. . . . Belichick, I’m not so sure about.”

— “If he didn’t kill anybody, [Butler] should have played in the game.”

— “Shut up, Dennis. Shut up, Gerry. You’re both dumb.”

— “Losing a Super Bowl is worse than losing your parents.”

— “Maybe I’m just used to the Patriots getting the calls.”

— “The Patriots were robbed.”

— “I’m obviously enraged with Bill Belichick.”

— “How many times have we lived and died on the sword with this guy?” (on Belichick)

“Ordway, Merloni & Fauria” (WEEI)

— “You sort of sit back now and say, ‘What the hell did you people do for two weeks?’ ” (on the Patriots’ coaching staff)

— “You’re not Belichick; you’re Mike from Framingham.”

Adam Jones and Nick Cattles (filling in for Scott Zolak and Marc Bertrand on The Sports Hub)

— “It doesn’t change that he’s the greatest, but this goes on his epitaph.” (Belichick again, meaning the loss)

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