No, events at the PyeongChang Olympics are not all televised live. And, yes, that means you sometimes will find a result before you see it on TV.

Exhibit A: American Red Gerard won the United States’ first medal of the Games in the snowboard slopestyle, but NBC didn’t air it until about a half-hour later.

Gerard was in 10th place of 12 snowboarders after a pair of awful runs to start the medal event. Riders were lined up ahead of him for their third and final run, and a few more still had to go after Gerard finished.

The 17 year-old from Colorado nailed his run, and soon after, Team USA tweeted to celebrate Gerard’s gold medal.

That had those following online, while watching on TV, pretty confused. NBC pledged in November that some 2,400-plus hours of Olympic coverage would be carried live on NBC, NBCSN, USA Network and the Olympic channel. Plus, the events not broadcast live on TV could be streamed live on NBC’s website.

But then, during the Olympic’s most climactic moment for its U.S. audience so far, a tape delay spoiled the excitement for viewers watching NBC’s prime-time broadcast.

And even with the delay, NBC didn’t bleep some profanity Gerard let slip while celebrating.

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