Nick Foles holds up the Lombardi Trophy after defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. (Chris O’Meara/Associated Press)

Google’s search algorithms are at it again, allowing the sports world a good laugh at the New England Patriots’ expense and glorifying the legend that is Nicholas Edward Foles.

Type “New England Patriots owner” or “Who owns the Patriots” into Google and the search engine returns “Nick Foles.”

Nick Foles does not in fact own the Patriots. He just shredded them for 373 yards and three touchdowns — plus a touchdown catch — in Super Bowl LII.

Robert Kraft, a wealthy Boston financier, owns the team, but not this year’s Lombardi Trophy.

If you’re keeping track, this is the second time in recent months that Google has comically misattributed facts about a major sports property. Back in January, Google said LaVar Ball founded the NBA. When users pointed out the glitch to the search engine, it later claimed New York City founded the NBA.

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