Mustachioed Wisconsinite and Olympic curler Matt Hamilton was on a mission Tuesday at the Winter Olympics, looking for a little love on social media from another proud resident of America’s Dairyland.

From PyeongChang, he tweeted a request to Aaron Rodgers, an occasionally mustachioed Wisconsinite as well as the Green Bay Packers quarterback, “for a little support,” adding that, “maybe with enough retweets and comments he will hit me up.” Judicious in his use of hashtags, Hamilton added “#GoPackGo, #curling and #OlympicGames2018” in the message to his 5,200 followers.

It worked. Boy, did it work.

Rodgers responded: “Pulling for you and your mustache this #OlympicGames. Bring home a medal to Wisconsin!”

And then his hashtag game went off the rails, like so: “#curling #strongstachegame #stache #stash #midrange #pancakeday2018 #pancakes #samelliott #bobbygoulet #InternetFriendsDay #MardiGras18 #BurtReynolds”

Mmmm. Pancakes.

The Internet approved, too.

Just how excited was Hamilton at the shout out and hashtag fiesta? He GIFed himself. That’s how excited he was.

Let the record show that J.J. Watt, another proud Wisconsinite, was first to show love for Hamilton, who, along with his sister Becca, finished seventh of eight teams in mixed doubles curling. He is competing in the men’s event Wednesday.

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