We’re about 24 hours away from tip-off of the main portion of the NCAA tournament, which means time’s a-wasting to get those brackets filled out. As a service to you, the reader, we thought it would be a good ideal to compile predictions from across the college basketball universe. Hopefully it helps and doesn’t send you down a rabbit hole of indecision.

First off, we here at WaPo HQ have ginned up all sorts of bracket help:

The perfect bracket to win your March Madness pool

Neil Greenberg’s annual “perfect bracket” this year puts Virginia, North Carolina, Purdue and Michigan State into the Final Four. Big upsets include New Mexico State into the Sweet 16 and West Virginia beating Villanova to go to the Elite Eight.

How to win a massive NCAA tournament bracket pool like ESPN’s Tournament Challenge

Here’s a sneaky-smart way to pick bracket-pool upsets

Want to pick a March Madness upset? Target No. 10 and No. 11 seeds

Forget Kentucky and Arizona. Virginia has the easiest road to the Final Four.

Five Cinderellas who can make the Sweet 16, including a No. 16 seed

The three best bets to win the NCAA tournament

Mike Hume on a historically reliable metric that this year points to Virginia, Villanova and Duke as the most likely champions.

Ken Pomeroy:

The nation’s preeminent college basketball numbers guru offers NCAA tournament probabilities

Pomeroy, who compiles a host of predictive statistics, says Villanova, Virginia, Duke and Cincinnati/Purdue (tie) have the best chance of winning the national championship, with North Carolina, Michigan State, Gonzaga and Kansas the next four.


A competing set of NCAA tournament probabilities from the stat folks

Villanova, Virginia, Duke and Kansas are the most probable national champions, according to this set of numbers, followed by Michigan State/Cincinnati (tie), Purdue/North Carolina (tie), Gonzaga and Xavier.

Virginia’s expectations might be tempered a bit with the news that De’Andre Hunter, the ACC’s sixth man of the year, will miss the tournament with a broken wrist.


ESPN’s College Basketball Power Index is meant to predict performance based on team accomplishment, opponent strength, pace of play and other factors.

The metric says Virginia, Villanova and Duke are the most probable national champions, in that order, followed by Purdue, Cincinnati, Michigan State, North Carolina, Kansas and Gonzaga.


Jay Bilas’s predictions for each NCAA tournament game (Insider subscription required)

Bilas has watched a whole lot of college basketball this season as ESPN’s lead color commentator. He says keep an eye on Michigan State.

Final Four predictions from across the network

Seth Greenberg’s Final Four: Virginia, Michigan, Villanova, Michigan State.

Jeff Goodman’s Final Four: Arizona, Xavier, Villanova, Kansas.

Joe Lunardi’s Final Four: Virginia, Michigan State, West Virginia, Gonzaga.

John Thompson III’s Final Four: Arizona, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State.

Dick Vitale’s Final Four: Virginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State.

Jay Williams’s Final Four: Arizona, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State.

CBS Sports:

A compendium of the network’s expert bracket selections

Gary Parrish’s Final Four: Virginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Duke. Big upsets: Davidson over Kentucky, New Mexico State over Clemson.

Matt Norlander’s Final Four: Virginia, Gonzaga, Purdue, Michigan State. Big upsets: Loyola-Chicago, St. Bonaventure to Sweet 16.

Jerry Palm’s Final Four: Arizona, North Carolina, Purdue, Duke. Big upsets: Davidson over Kentucky, College of Charleston over Auburn.

Dennis Dodd’s Final Four: Arizona, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State. Big upsets: Loyola-Chicago to Sweet 16, South Dakota State over Ohio State, New Mexico State over Clemson, Arizona State/Syracuse over TCU.

Sports Illustrated:

SI has expert bracket picks, too

Seth Davis:

The longtime college basketball writer and broadcaster posted his picks at the Athletic. His Final Four is Virginia, Michigan, Villanova and Duke, with Villanova beating Virginia in the final. Big upsets include New Mexico State and Arkansas into the Sweet 16.

His colleague Dana O’Neil has a Virginia, Gonzaga, Villanova and Michigan State Final Four. Her big upsets include St. Bonaventure and Providence into the Sweet 16.

Mike DeCourcy:

The Sporting News columnist has Arizona, Michigan, Villanova and Duke in his Final Four. He predicts two regional finals featuring three seeds against four seeds (Arizona vs. Tennessee in the South, and Gonzaga vs. Michigan in the West).

USA Today:

Scott Gleeson makes his picks

He has Virginia winning it all, plus a Sunflower State grudge match between Kansas and Wichita State in the Final Four.

The view from Vegas

The Las Vegas Sun gives the gamblers’ look at the West Region

East Region

Midwest Region

South Region (does not appear to be published yet)