At 6-5, Jordan Clarkson is a big human, but he thinks he has nothing on some of our predecessors. (David Zalubowski/Associated Press)

From the same NBA podcast that brought us Kyrie Irving’s flat-Earth claims, we now have an arguably even bigger doozy. The Cavaliers’ Jordan Clarkson is apparently of the opinion that dinosaurs were kept as “pets” by even bigger humans.

Clarkson didn’t say if he had been binge-watching “The Flintstones,” but he did seem quite serious while making his comments on “Road Trippin’,” a podcast usually hosted by former Cleveland players Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, now with the Nuggets and Lakers, respectively, plus Cavaliers sideline reporter Allie Clifton.

The podcast, released Monday, featured a pair of former Lakers, Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr., who were traded to the Cavs last month. The subject of not believing in dinosaurs came up, and Clarkson said, “I don’t believe in dinosaurs either. Well, no, actually I do.”

The 25-year-old wing then warned that “this is going to get a little bit crazy,” and that he was “gonna take y’all a little left on this.”

“Y’all know how we got dogs and stuff, right?” Clarkson said. “So I think there was bigger people on the world before us, and, like, the dinosaurs was their pets.”

Not surprisingly, that statement produced some chuckling, and Clarkson was asked if he meant that dinosaurs were “on a leash” like “a pit [bull terrier].” He was also asked this very good question: “So how big were these people?”

“Well, you look at a dinosaur,” Clarkson replied, “they got to be three times bigger than them.”

That produced the question of where all the bones of these people were, who were three times bigger than dinosaurs. Unfortunately, Clarkson didn’t have a ready answer for that, and the conversation quickly moved into another areas, such as whether Elvis Presley was a real person or “more of a character.”

It was on “Road Trippin’” back in February of last year when Irving, then with the Cavs, said, “The Earth is flat.” Asked about that in several subsequent interviews, he was more coy and appeared to indicate that he might be engaging in a bit of a stunt to get people to question much of what they were being told.

In January, Irving said, “For me, it’s not about whether the world is flat or whether the world is round. … It’s just giving everyone a chance to do their own research and find their own knowledge instead of having knowledge just shoved to you.”

Clarkson can also expect to be asked again about his notion that dinosaurs were kept as “pets” by gigantic people, so he’d be well-advised to think of a response to the question about why no one has discovered their bones. Maybe the flat Earth tilted at some point, and all the huge-human bones just slid off?

Nance brought some offbeat ideas of his own, but he took a more conventional conspiracy-theorist route in claiming he thought the moon landings were faked. “I think they was in a studio in Hollywood and recorded that s—,” the 25-year-old big man told the “Road Trippin’ ” hosts.

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