Online sports magazine Bleacher Report will launch a live sports streaming platform next month that will feature NBA games, NCAA championships and UEFA Champions League soccer matches.

The service, called “B/R Live,” will begin free of charge on April 7 with a broadcast of a football game from the developmental “Spring League,” according to company officials.

Eventually, users will pay per sport or by game, company executives said.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who spoke during an introductory news conference, said viewers will also eventually be able to pay to watch portions of a game at a prorated price.

Bleacher Report is owned by Turner Broadcasting, which has long-standing media rights relationship with the NBA. Turner representatives declined to discuss pricing details for the service, but Silver in his remarks suggested a full NBA game could cost $7, and five minutes of action for 99 cents.

“Let’s sell the fan what it is they want,” Silver said.

Viewers can access the platform through iOS and Android apps and on the web when B/R Live launches, and Turner plans to roll out apps for other connected devices, such as smart or connected televisions.

The app or website will display a feed of available games in a banner on the left side of the screen, with streaming video and information about a selected game on the rest of the screen, according to a demonstration by B/R Live General Manager Hania Poole.

B/R Live will also stream the PGA Championship, National Lacrosse League games and events from the World Armwrestling League, Red Bull Global Rallycross and World Surf League.

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