Grant Hill managed to one-up himself Saturday evening.

Earlier in the day, he’d learned that he will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, but it was what happened as he broadcast the NCAA semifinal game between Michigan and Loyola that grabbed all the attention.

Specifically, it was his reaction to the arrival of Michigan’s Moritz Wager as he blasted through press row like a 6-foot-11 heat-seeking missile, taking out Bill Raftery’s reading glasses, striking terror into Hill’s heart and zooming past Jim Nantz as they broadcast the game for TBS.

Hill’s life may have flashed before his eyes.

It was meme-worthy. Or, as Nantz later said, “me-me worthy.”

Let’s look again. Just because we can.

Unlike Raftery’s readers, he was okay.

After Michigan advanced to Monday’s championship game against Villanova, Wagner made nice in his on-court interview, congratulating Hill on the Hall of Fame and saying to Raftery, “I’m sorry, Coach. I apologize. I hope that’s the only thing I broke, though.”

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