The NCAA championship game always starts late on Monday night because, sadly, not all of the United States is on Eastern time. And that means that, if the game is a blowout, there’s a good chance “One Shining Moment” became “One Sleeping Moment” for a lot of viewers.

So . . . here it is.

All the favorites from March Madness make an appearance, from Sister Jean to lots of Loyola to Moritz Wagner and Donte DiVincenzo. And the song would hardly be complete without UMBC, would it?

“I think we kind of all wanted to be in the ‘One Shining Moment’ video,” Retrievers forward Joe Sherburne told reporters after 16th-seeded UMBC shocked Virginia, the top overall seed, in the first round. “We were all in the locker room singing the first line because that’s all we know, but I think we’re going to have to learn the rest of the song, too.”

Done deal. Besides Sherburne, UMBC’s True Grit mascot also shows up, along with celebrations from players, the bench and Coach Ryan Odom — along with a tearful Virginia player as Jim Nantz calls the upset the “shocker of all shockers.”

And, really, would the video be complete without the look of terror on Grant Hill’s face as Wagner came crashing over the TBS broadcasters’ table?

Just watch. It’s all there in the video.

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