The timing was perfect, with the first “Saturday Night Live” show of May coming just hours after LeBron James’s buzzer-beating game-winner gave the Cavs a 3-0 lead over the Toronto Raptors in their NBA playoff series.

Alas, timing worked against the Cavs during the live show, hosted by Donald Glover, with a sketch about “The Other Cavaliers” — the ones not named LeBron James — scratched. Fortunately, there’s the Internet, a place for cut sketches to find new life. “The Other Cavaliers” is a gem. “Whatever LeBron needs,” they confidently proclaim, “we’ll get it done. As long as what he needs isn’t basketball.”

“Every time LeBron makes a free throw,” Glover adds, “I’m right there with that high five, like, ‘There you go, LeBron.’ ”

If that’s a little too close to reality for comfort, the sketch went on.

“I hold LeBron’s third and fourth cellphones.”

“Our point guard is a Roomba.”

“I average zero points, zero assists and six personal fouls.”

Watch for Pancake, a very good dog, and also for the “girl on the team,” who is the No. 2 scorer and “a heavy smoker.” (It wasn’t Stormy Daniels, who appeared elsewhere.)

As for Game 3, James finished with 38 points, six rebounds, seven assists and three steals on 14-for-26 shooting in 41 minutes. Kevin Love added 21 points and 16 rebounds and Kyle Korver added 18.

Yes, he has teammates.

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