Tom Brady may have been hilariously mocked all over social media for his fashion choice at the Met Gala on Monday night (think “captain of the worst cruise ship afloat”), but Cam Newton was no slouch.

He was delightfully, singularly Cam in an outfit that was part classy lounge lizard, part rakish caballero and pure Harry Caray. In your well-exfoliated face, Brady.

First, an explanation. The event is the annual Met Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum (and other stops) and hosted in part by Vogue’s Anna Wintour, so a certain level of “creativity” is expected, particularly with a lofty theme like “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Which is why Rihanna, Jared Leto, Chadwick Boseman and just about everyone else had a religious theme of some sort.

But back to the Carolina Panthers quarterback, whose outfits make every game day of the NFL season feel like the Met Gala, frankly. He went the understated route in 2017, if by “understated,” you mean “Versace.” He has been partial to the brand in the past, famously sporting Versace jeans when the Panthers arrived for the Super Bowl in 2016.

Vogue wrote of last year’s look that he arrived in a “a deep aubergine Versace tuxedo, Giuseppe Zanotti rhinestone-studded loafers, and a feathered top hat by Alberto Hernandez. “For a major red carpet event, I understand the importance of being different — having a little ‘sauce’ so they say — but without trying too hard,” Newton said last year. “That balance is not easy to find. Having fun is the key and being comfortable is equally important. The accessories play a major role in setting the tone — from my glasses to the suit buttons to my cuff links — as well as the shoes.”

This year, though, you couldn’t miss him. He had on a wide-brimmed hat of the sort he often wears and a colorful Tom Ford tuxedo.

While one can rarely err when wearing Tom Ford, the true piece de resistance were spectacles of the sort we haven’t seen since Morty Seinfeld graced America’s airwaves.

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