Baseball’s fun police are back on the scene — and this time they’re cracking down on  …  spikes?

Specifically, Major League Baseball is taking issue with black footwear or shoes it deems … wait for it … too colorful. That seems to be the case judging by the Instagram account of the Cubs’ Ben Zobrist. Zobrist received a warning letter from MLB reminding him of restrictions to the color of his spikes. See, in an attempt to pay his respect to baseball’s history, Zobrist wears all-black spikes during day games at Wrigley Field. Seems reasonable, right?


Per ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, MLB is contending that Zobrist is in violation of a rule requiring no less than 51 percent “of the exterior of each player’s shoes be the club’s designated primary shoe color.” He may have misspelled it in his Instagram post, but Zobrist is right — this is ridiculous.

And it’s not only Zobrist to whom the baseball fun cops are levying warnings. Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger also received a letter Friday, his telling him he’ll be fined for the same rule violation as Zobrist should he not stop wearing cleats with a lotus flower and a bright sunflower. The guy’s nickname is “Sunshine” for Pete’s sake!

Clevinger is prepared to abide by baseball’s really not fun rules, informing that he’ll look to get himself another customized pair of spikes that fit MLB’s guidelines. But the league can be sure the new shoes will still show off Clevinger’s colorful personality.

“I’m still going to be me,” he told “I’m not going to change what I’m doing because someone’s not getting their share of the cut, or whatever the case may be.”

In the meantime, Clevinger is already all set for Mother’s Day on Sunday. He got himself a pair of pink cleats inspired by Jimi Hendrix for the occasion, which hopefully won’t lead to more trouble with MLB because man, are those things cool.

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