The caps, like those worn by Draymond Green, actually say “NBA Finals.” (David J. Phillip/Associated Press)

When the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors wrapped up their conference finals series, they did what any team heading to the championship round would do: They put on specially designed caps and shirts commemorating the moment.

The $34 New Era caps, emblazoned with the words “2018 NBA FINALS,” bore the NBA logo in the upper left corner and each team’s logo in the lower right. There was just one problem: The placement of the team logo obscured part of the “NBA” text, which left some people pointing out that the hats seemed to be promoting the “2018 NRA FINALS.” The National Rifle Association Finals? National Recovery Administration Finals? National Restaurant Association Finals?

Let’s take a closer look.

“Somebody at the @NBA really dropped the ball with these hats,” one Twitter user wrote. “Does anyone else see 2018 NRA Finals? Decrease the font, and make sure it clearly says NBA, guys.”

Another pointed out that the Cavs do “have the greatest gunslinger” in the league.

One user praised the manufacturer for figuring out how to design hats that could quickly be changed to show the winner.

Others felt it was much ado about nothing.

A New Era spokesman told The Post in an email that “the design of the cap was meant to celebrate the teams in the 2018 Finals and does not signify anything else.”

One Facebook user shrugged off the whole conversation and looked ahead, writing on the page for San Francisco’s KRON, “Next week it’ll say 2018 NRA Champs!”

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