As if winning a championship weren’t enough to remember the weekend by, the members of a 13-and-under football team from the Boise, Idaho, area also became real heroes.

The Black Knights team had split into a four-vehicle caravan consisting of an RV and three vans for the journey from San Jose, where it had won the Bay Area Spring Football Tournament of Champions, and was traveling on Highway 95 near Jordan Valley in southeast Oregon when a car rolled over in front of one of their vans at around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Pulling over, players, coaches and other adults piled out of the van and went to work rescuing the couple, Coach Rudy Jackson told the Idaho Statesman.

“We had to stop and become heroes,” Jackson said. “It was just a little adversity. … It’s almost an unreal story.”

That’s because, if ever there were a time and place away from the field that demanded the presence of football players, this was it. They pulled out a man who was trapped inside, then raised the car so that a woman could be removed from the vehicle. Video of the moment has gone viral, for obvious reasons.

Posted by Rudy Jackson on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

“It just felt amazing that we could do what we did because I don’t want to imagine what would happen if we were not there to help,” Regan Magill, who took the video, told the Statesman.

Video shows around a dozen people pushing the car in unison. “I’m more than proud. I’m at a loss for words,” Jackson said. “They got out of the car like they were supposed to do that … it’s a great bunch of kids.”

The couple who was rescued has not been identified, nor is their condition known.

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