LeBron James is gone from Cleveland, and so, too, is the gigantic Nike billboard that was erected as a love note to James after he returned to his hometown Cavaliers in 2014.

It was inevitable that the 10-story image of James, with his arms outstretched and the word “Cleveland” on the back of his jersey, would no longer adorn Cleveland’s Sherwin-Williams building after he announced Sunday evening he was signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. By Tuesday afternoon, there was just a bare spot where once had been a downtown landmark. What to put there now? Hmmmm.

Although there were suggestions of installing a Browns-related image after James’s move was announced, another team in town got a little salty about being overlooked.

“Are we invisible?” Jose Ramirez, the Indians’ third baseman, asked NBC Sports, which dared suggest the same thing about the Browns, a team that is loaded with young talent but has won only four games in the last three seasons.

The Indians haven’t won the World Series in 70 years, but they came close just two seasons ago. So why not use the Sherwin-Williams space for a nice Francisco Lindor banner? He is a two-time all-star with a .294 average, 83 home runs and 273 RBI since being called up to the big leagues in 2015. And let us not forget that the shortstop is under contract through 2021.

Looks about right.

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