If you spend even moderate time following the sports world you’ll know that the fabric that currently binds it together is the spirit of competition in the game of Fortnite.

Since its debut last July, it has been played by roughly 125 million people, according to New York Magazine (which just labeled it “The most important video game on the planet.”) In the time since we’ve seen the game pop up pretty much everywhere in the sporting world, from athlete’s apartments, to the Milwaukee Brewers’ jumbotron, to the celebrations of French soccer star Antoine Griezmann, to introductory press calls, to a theory as to why David Price missed a start for the Red Sox.

And while athletes — who tend to have a lot of down time — have widely embraced the game, with its Season 5 update, Fortnite is fully embracing the sports world.

The latest update, which went live July 12, features golf carts, full-on soccer, basketball and volleyball games and sports-themed emotes that can even eliminate opponents. (Note: You’ll need to pay $9.50 for the Season 5 Battle Pass to get the emotes.) For example, you can tee-up a golf ball and putt it into a fallen foe to knock them out of the game. Players also spent the opening night of the season working on some trick shots that should get the NBA’s more devout Fortnite players pretty excited.

The video above highlights some of the more (in)glorious sports moments of Fortnite Season 5 thus far. Note of caution to all the golf cart drivers out there, though: Beware of hazards like cliffs and time rifts.

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