French mountain biker Alexis Bosson likely doesn’t have an aversion to heights, given his chosen sport, nor apparently does he posses a fear of crashing into professional cyclists.

Bosson, 30, executed a daring stunt in Le Petit Bornand, France, soaring over a group of Tour de France riders during Tuesday’s mountain stage. Bosson jumped from a ridge above the race route, flew over the riders and stuck the landing on the other side.

On the thought of crashing, Bosson said: “No you don’t think of this. If you think too much of this you don’t do it. I was in connection with one of my friends with a radio, I think he was more nervous than me.”

Bosson attached a camera to his bike to capture the moment from his perspective in midair. According to The Sun, the stunt took place during Stage 10 in the Alps and left the bikers unperturbed.

This was not the first stunt of its kind. Bosson and his friends pulled off a similar feat during the 2013 Tour de France. It was Bosson’s friend who flew through the air that year. This time around he said “once was enough.”

According to Bosson, they were inspired by Canadian rider Dave Watson, who first pulled off the jump in 2003. Business Insider pointed out that a similar escapade took place at the Tour de Pologne (Tour of Poland) in August 2017.

Bosson and his friends spent three months building the ramp he used to gain momentum before jumping Tuesday. He practiced the leap 20 times and made modifications between trials.

The group estimated the cyclists would be riding at approximately 30 kilometers per hour (18 mph). It took Bosson five seconds to reach the ridge’s edge from the start of the makeshift ramp. From these calculations, Bosson knew when to start pedaling. He wanted to jump before the riders crossed beneath him.

Despite some push back from the press about the risks of the trick, Bosson is adamant the prank didn’t pose any harm to the bikers. He claims his speed would undoubtedly have propelled him to the other side.

“After I was so relaxed, you can’t imagine,” Bosson says. “I was very happy and I turned my head and see the rest of the riders go.”

Bosson said the successful jump was probably enough to keep him content for now. But doesn’t rule out another stunt; “We’ll see. We never know.”

The Tour de France cyclists finished Stage 11 from Albertville to La Rosière Espace San Bernardo on Wednesday. The race will end in Paris on July 29.

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