As hard as it might be to imagine, Alex Trebek cannot go on hosting “Jeopardy!” forever. He turned 78 on July 22 and has had a number of health scares over the years, including brain surgery to remove blood clots in December, and with his contract expiring in 2020 he is thinking of retirement. In a chat Sunday with Harvey Levin on Fox News Channel’s “OBJECTified,” he said his chances of staying at the podium past that date are “50/50 and a little less.”

But like “The Price Is Right” after Bob Barker handed off his skinny microphone to Drew Carey, “Jeopardy!” seems almost certain to continue after Trebek’s departure. It averages nearly 10 million viewers per week, making it one of the most-watched shows on television and a massive profit generator for Sony Pictures Television.

So eventually “Jeopardy!” will need a new host, and Trebek has just the guy in mind. But unless you’re an ardent fan of the Los Angeles Kings, you have probably never heard of him.

“I mentioned to our producer not so long ago that the fellow who does play-by-play for the Los Angeles Kings, they should consider him,” Trebek told Levin.

That fellow is Alex Faust, who recently completed his first season calling Kings games on TV for Fox Sports West after replacing the legendary Bob Miller. He’s 28 years old and seems pretty thrilled to receive the Trebek seal of approval.

Faust was plucked from relative obscurity to replace Miller, who had called Kings games for nearly the entirety of the franchise’s existence. The Brooklyn-born Faust had spent the early portion of his career working college football, basketball and lacrosse games for ESPNU along with a smattering of minor league hockey and some work on NBC Sports Network’s NHL coverage. It was a big leap from all that to the Kings, and it would be a colossal ascent from there to “Jeopardy!”

Trebek told Levin he did have one other person in mind as a possible replacement: CNN legal analyst and SiriusXM radio host Laura Coates, who said on Twitter that she watches “Jeopardy!” every day.

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