Jacksonville’s Dante Fowler Jr., left, and Jalen Ramsey are shown during a happier moment. (Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars suspended Jalen Ramsey on Sunday after the all-pro cornerback threatened “war” on reporters covering the team. Ramsey was upset they were filming a practice-field skirmish between defensive ends Yannick Ngakoue and Dante Fowler Jr., the latter of whom was also suspended.

In a statement, the Jaguars said they suspended Ramsey and Fowler “for violating team rules and conduct unbecoming of a Jaguars football player.” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport cited sources in reporting that Ramsey’s ban was for a week, with ESPN’s Adam Schefter reporting that Fowler was receiving the same punishment.

After tweeting out footage of the incident, Philip Heilman of the Florida Times-Union was directly called out by Ramsey, who tweeted at him, “You know you done messed up right?” Ramsey said that if Heilman and other reporters wanted “war,” the player and unspecified others would be ready with a response, adding in a hashtag, “Lame A — Reporters.”

Ramsey subsequently tweeted that he would “always” defend his teammates because he knows “what type of men and players they are,” exclaiming, “Love my dawgs!”

According to Heilman, when Ramsey saw reporters filming the start of unpleasantries between Fowler and Ngakoue, he approached them and yelled, “Hey, man, y’all stop recording that s—, man,” adding other expletives. Ramsey later arranged a short media session, in which he expressed displeasure at coverage of practices he’d missed following the birth of his daughter, and he threatened to enlist teammates in shunning reporters who published video of that day’s skirmish.

Ramsey has had a contentious relationship with the media since joining the Jaguars as the fifth overall pick in the 2016 draft. Heilman noted that the cornerback has boycotted reporters in the past and had outbursts against them in the locker room.

For his part, Fowler has been involved in training camp altercations in the past, and he was previously suspended by the NFL for Week 1 of this season, for a July 2017 incident in which he punched a man who made a comment about his driving in a parking lot. Fowler reportedly knocked the man’s glasses off with the punch, then stepped on the glasses and threw a bag of groceries belonging to the man into a nearby lake; he later pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of battery, criminal mischief and petty theft, and was sentenced in March to a year of probation and 75 hours of community service.

Ramsey and Fowler are set to miss the Jaguars’ preseason game Saturday against the Vikings, with Schefter reported that the two players would not be included on the trip to Minnesota.

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