The details of the health crisis Lamar Odom experienced in 2015 are even worse than you may have imagined.

Odom, the former NBA player with the Kardashian connection, revealed that he had “12 strokes and six heart attacks” as he lay in a coma in a Nevada hospital for months after collapsing from a binge in a brothel. “All my doctors that see me say I’m a walking miracle,” he told Kevin Hart somewhat nonchalantly as the two sat chilling in ice baths in an episode from Hart’s LOL Network comedy series.

Hart was direct: “Is Lamar Odom fully over the addiction side?”

Odom, who was part of two Los Angeles Lakers championship teams and last played in the NBA in the 2012-13 season, said he has recovered from alcohol and cocaine addictions and allowed that he feels “great, bro. Every day, I’m alive. It’s a good day to be alive, considering the alternative. … All my doctors that see me say I’m a walking miracle. I had 12 strokes and six heart attacks when I was in the coma.”

Odom said that many of his problems can be traced to a simple source, and it wasn’t his marriage to Khloe Kardashian or living in Los Angeles. “Anxiety has always been real bad for me, which is crazy because I made a living playing in front of 20,000 people.”

He will turn 39 in November and has a book coming out, one that “will let anybody know they can overcome anything.” For Odom, that includes the death of his son in 2006 to sudden infant death syndrome. He has two kids, ages “19 and 16 and one in heaven,” and last summer he wrote about how he “shook hands with death” and is now sober.

Still, he wrote that he faces “an everyday struggle. I have an addiction. I’ll always have an addiction. It never goes away. I mean, I want to get high right now. But I know that I can’t if I want to be here for my children.”

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