A Texas Longhorns fan cheers during the start of the Longhorns and Maryland Terrapins game at FedEx Field on Saturday. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

College football fans are, well — they’re nuts. They’re prone to overreaction. They are nerve-wracked, face-painted devotees who, when allowed access to a keyboard, have a tendency to go off the deep end. (I say this all affectionately.)

Let us bask in their glory now that college football season is here.

The season’s opening weekend has so far already yielded some fun and frantic games, from Maryland’s upset of Texas, to Mississippi’s thumping of Texas Tech, to Appalachian State hanging with Penn State — on the 11th anniversary of the Mountaineers’ upset of Michigan.

So, we checked in on the message boards and comments sections from fan forums of the more distressed fan bases. Let’s see how everyone is holding up.


Result: Loss to Maryland, 34-29

Fans’ mood: Bad!

Screenshots from 247sports.com.

Michigan State

Result: Defeated Utah State, 38-31

Fan’s mood: Not good!

Screenshots from theonlycolors.com, an SB Nation site.


Result: Trailing West Virginia in the third quarter

Fans’ mood: Nervous!

Screenshot from rockytoptalk.com, an SB Nation site.

Texas Tech

Result: Loss to Mississippi, 47-27

Fans’ mood: Sad!

Screenshot from vivathematadors.com, an SB Nation site.

Penn State

Result: Leading Appalachian State, 24-17, fourth quarter

Fans’ mood: Distressed!

Screenshot from blackshoediaries.com, an SB Nation site.

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