Ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

When you’ve led your team to a 2-0 start and passed for more than 800 yards and eight touchdowns, the world is your playground. In fact, it would be downright wrong not to steal your teammate’s pregame outfit for your postgame news conference, especially when it belongs to wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

Fitzpatrick, who, we should remind you, studied economics at Harvard and was rated the fifth-smartest athlete in sports by the Sporting News in 2010, arrived at the podium after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 27-21 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles looking for all the world like a dead ringer for Conor McGregor. In reality, he had merely pilfered what Jackson had worn to the stadium and made it his own, saying nonchalantly, “It’s nothing.”

Asked whether any of the clothes belonged to him, he replied: “The chest hair’s mine.”

Jackson vouched for the fact that the outfit belongs to him, sharing on Instagram an image showing him arriving for the game. Even he had to admit, though, that Fitzpatrick made it look good. “I love it Fitz you wear it better than me,” he wrote in another post. “WHEN YOUR QB WEAR YO FIT TO AFTER GAME PRESS CONFERENCE LMAO SWAGG AND THE JEWLS ”

Fitzpatrick wasn’t unreasonable, surrendering when a shirtless Jackson materialized at the end of the interview session. A seventh-round draft pick (250th overall) in 2005, Fitzpatrick is with his seventh NFL team and will turn 36 in November. Every week, he seems to solidify his grasp on Tampa Bay’s starting QB job with Jameis Winston suspended for the first three games of the season.

“I think we just have to stay humble,” Fitzpatrick said, doing his best to ensure that. “We’ve got to make sure we know how to handle success and all those things. We can’t change who we are.”

Please don’t.

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