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The former light welterweight champion wants to do what he says Floyd Mayweather won't, despite much talk.

The 37-year-old boxing icon plans to fit in training while attending to his duties in the Philippine Senate.

"If I only had to focus on boxing, hell, I'd be neck and neck with Floyd right now," McGregor said.

The wealthy ex-boxer sent a Las Vegas club a 1099 form through his fight-promotion company.

A Bloomberg report had claimed that Tyson was invited to 'appear' at the convention, along with Mike Ditka and Bobby Knight.

Promoters have reached a verbal agreement on the mega-bout taking place in fall 2017, leading to concerns that the fight might get derailed or lose its luster.

The former president lauded Ali for continuing his humanitarian work while simultaneously battling Parkinson's.

"He was a tremendous bolt of lightning, created by Mother Nature out of thin air," the comedian said of the legendary boxer.

Obama sent senior adviser Valerie Jarrett to Louisville to read his moving speech at Ali's memorial service.

The first match of the European soccer championships will move to ESPN2.

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