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The former multi-sport phenom joins a growing chorus of ex-NFL players who don't want to see young kids playing the game.

The Houston Texans voach said he hadn't spoken to Watt, who underwent surgery Thursday, but said he suspects he's "doing okay."

The six-time Grammy winner had been rumored to be the NFL's choice for weeks prior to the news becoming official Thursday night.

The 25-year-old Gordon said, "this is the right decision for me," in a statement.

Get a good night's sleep on Saturday night.

Wide receiver was AWOL because he feared the news would be bad.

Who HASN'T wanted to pay a bill totally in coins?

The logistics involved would be challenging.

The president discusses the quarterback's anthem protests at a town hall meeting held on a military base in Virginia.

The wide receiver dinged his knee Sunday against the Bears.

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