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In a related development, he's no longer the game show's returning champion.

Tuscaloosa, which hosts College Gameday and one of this week's marquee matchups, is absolutely soaked.

Every Crimson Tide player gets a reminder at his locker. Thanks, Coach!

Crimson Tide coach said, "I never considered going to Texas."

From one "43" to another, former president tells Cade Foster, "You will be a stronger human with time."

Technically, Mack Brown still has the Longhorns' job.

It is unclear whether the remains are human and police continue to investigate the motive behind a Birmingham murder.

The Crimson Tide drops to fourth in the BCS standings, while Florida State moves into the top spot and Ohio State rises to No. 2.

Chris Davis's TD return of field-goal attempt brings chaos to the college football scene and scary messages for Crimson Tide's Cade Foster.

Top defensive end in U.S. says "Roll Tide" and makes an oral commitment.

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