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After a 6-0 start, Green Bay is 0-2 since the ad started airing. Just saying.

His former wife said that he had been suffering from depression, which she blamed on 'brain injury.'

There are strong indications that the former Broncos coach is set to take charge in Chicago.

Will Mike Shanahan be the answer to the Jay Cutler Problem?

Cutler had been struggling, but the move still comes as a surprise, especially given his contract status.

It's the latest episode to paint Chicago as a team in turmoil.

Corey Fuller's Lions jersey is combined with Kyle Fuller's Bears jersey, and it's actually not that bad of a look.

The Bears wide receiver continued to up the ante until wisely deciding to call things off. Of course, by then he'd been thoroughly trolled.

Quarterback chooses not to become a free agent as deal gets done quickly.

Players had to leave the field and fans sought shelter as severe storms struck the Midwest.

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