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Long, long ago ... Chicago's pitching coach also threw one.

  • Stephanie Kuzydym
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  • Apr 22, 2016
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If the runner is out at first, does the pitcher still have the yips?

A pair of slugging infielders got the nods in official voting by the BBWA.

It may still happen -- or we may have seen an all-time jinx.

It was only fitting that Chicago's final run of the NLDS was a monstrous homer.

To be more specific, they ate 40 pounds of cooked goat meat -- in mere minutes, of course.

That's the shortest span ever in the National League, this from a team with a $300 million payroll.

The incident comes on the heels of a similar one Friday that had members of the Tigers calling for greater safety measures at ballparks.

What could go wrong?

Almost all of the fans had left already, but the incident came as jarring news to beat writers, who had to clear the press box.

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