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The quarterback's days in Cleveland appear to be numbered.

Of course, he was in a dastardly clever disguise!

The top 20 picks in April's NFL draft were determined Sunday.

The quarterback's absence came amid reports that he spent the day before in Las Vegas.

This one is from Christmas Eve and appears to show the quarterback with a can of an alcoholic beverage called Four Loko.

Amid plenty of ups and downs, Manziel has shown some of his playmaking ability for Cleveland.

With just four games left in a two-win season, the team has apparently decided that it has punished the nightlife-loving quarterback enough.

Anyone disappointed with the uninspiring Monday night matchup had no complaints about the crazy finish.

The Browns coach explains why he demoted the quarterback to third-string in the wake of a partying video.

Cleveland's Week 1 starter, Josh McCown, is going through the NFL's concussion protocol.

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