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The popular driver gives NASCAR a superstar-studded trio at the front of the Daytona 500 starting pack.

Good news, NASCAR fans: Earnhardt said he could see himself driving for another decade.

In the least surprising news ever, he wins his 12th straight award for being the Sprint Cup's fan favorite.

A Throwback Thursday classic.

The Nascar superstar recalls the time when he flipped his truck, which was insured by his new sponsor.

Junior finishes a sweep of the the two races at that track, and looks more than ever like a threat to take the Sprint Cup title.

The NASCAR superstar knows how to dump someone the right way, or what do if you're the dumpee.

Error on pit road is costly as Junior's winless streak grows to 48 races.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. sustained a concussion in the 25-mile pileup Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway and will miss the next two Sprint Cup races. Earnhardt’s condition was diagnosed Wednesday afternoon, Hendrick Motorsports said in a statement, and he seemed dazed immediately after the crash, which occurred on the last lap. Because he was able to drive […]