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Last year, the linebacker got a four-game suspension for violating the policy. This year, it's 10 games.

The Cowboys wide receiver has to be wondering what he has to do to be credited with a reception at Lambeau Field.

Jerry Jones acknowledges that a Dallas loss to Washington this week could dent his considerable optimism.

Seems a lot of folks don't view Greg Hardy the same way the Cowboys owner does.

The quarterback did what he had to do to deliver the Cowboys their first victory since Week 2.

The quarterback can't return soon enough for the reeling Cowboys, who have lost all seven games without him.

The defensive end's comments come after a published report provided photos of his bruised ex-girlfriend.

Dallas had lost all three of Weeden's starts in place of injured Tony Romo.

That doesn't seem like the most professional behavior.

Perhaps not the best choice of words from a man alleged to have thrown his ex-girlfriend onto a futon covered in semi-automatic weapons.

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