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The defensive end brought the holiday spirit, and then some, to the Superdome for a game against the Saints. But what's with the dinosaurs and guns?

1-6 Detroit has the NFL's worst rushing attack.

Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles is all too aware how short an NFL career can be.

Detroit's Tyler Fernengel makes awesome use of the former home of the Lions.

The trick-shot football kicker, who was cut by the Lions in 2013, does his thing amid even more striking Norwegian scenery.

It would make for an exorbitant one-year salary, but Detroit may decide the star defensive tackle is worth it.

It seems that, not for the first time, he sees things a bit differently than Chris Christie does.

That's probably not going to stop Detroit fans from howling.

The controversial defensive tackle is upset by the outcome of the game, and possibly by the fact that it could have been his last game for the Lions.

Chuch warned Tate that he'd be coming after him for a 2012 hit on teammate Sean Lee.

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