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The Washington Post

Swiss authorities raided FIFA headquarters on Thursday as part of ongoing investigation.

Over a dozen officials will reportedly be charged in connection with the ongoing probe into corruption allegations.

Somehow, that's not as surprising as it should be.

The name of the official was not released Friday.

The businessman/politician gave a classic non-answer when asked about it on 'Meet the Press.'

Meanwhile, reports on corruption in the bidding processes for those World Cups, plus the 2010 installment in South Africa, continue to emerge.

The soccer icon was heavily involved in England's failed bid to host the 2018 World Cup.

U.S. officials have testimony from a member of Qatar's bid team who saw $1.5 million in bribes handed out, according to Reuters.

That probably didn't help Jack Warner, the former FIFA vice president among those arrested, very much.

The comedian, like many, is not thrilled at the near-certain prospect of Blatter winning another term as head of soccer's governing body.

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