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Gordon walks away from NASCAR after 24 seasons, four series championships and over $150 million in earnings.

The four-time champion 'can't believe' that there was no SAFER barrier in place.

The new format worked out perfectly for the NASCAR superstar, but not everyone was thrilled about it.

Michael Waltrip Racing drew historic fine, but Chase controversy isn't going away.

Of course it was fake, but it turns out be be even faker than imagined, thanks to Funny or Die's production company.

NASCAR driver scares a salesman when he gets behind the wheel of a Camaro.

Winning a race would mean she's known for something other than sexy Super Bowl commercials.

Jeff Gordon is docked $100,000 for his role in NASCAR brawl Sunday, a brawl that adds spice to the Sprint Cup finale Sunday.

The excitement in Sunday's NASCAR race came from a brawl that included Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer and their pit crews.