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That won't make him less popular in Ann Arbor.

Well, it's the thought that counts.

The school had canceled a planned screening of the movie, but then it reversed that decision.

The Michigan coach seems to have made a good impression.

As if the new Michigan coach's popularity in Ann Arbor could actually increase.

One former Wolverines quarterback sounds pretty excited about another former Wolverines quarterback taking over the program.

That would be his brother, Jim. (It's not their dad, either.)

The now-former 49ers coach would be a throwback to the Schembechler era.

That deal would have made the 49ers coach the highest-paid college coach -- if he took the Wolverines' job, of course.

The 49ers coach rebuffed the Wolverines' initial attempt, but the school could be offering 48 million reasons to come to Ann Arbor.

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